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Enjoy - the Marmites, the Gastronomy & the Meal

Enjoy - the Marmites, the Gastronomy & the Meal

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This book was created with the gastronomic association Marmiterna in Helsingkrona's almost 50-year operation as a starting point. Members, interesting guest writers, and food profiles tell stories in essay form, focusing on gastronomy, ingredients, preparation, cooking, presentation, and the meal - the important landing place with all its social and experiential aspects. A book about ENJOYING, both in the kitchen and at the table.

This is not a cookbook. It is a sensual and juicy book about delicious food and inspiring cooking, created for people who love an experience at the dinner table. It's not a textbook either, but it's probably still a book with much learning.

"A beautiful look at the community of a 50-year-old gastronomic association. Inspirational reading about cooking and the knowledge that comes from working in a kitchen together and sharing common mealtime experiences. Lucky is anyone with a Marmite member who hosts a dinner party you can attend."

- Richard Tellström, meal researcher and docent in meal science at Stockholm University.

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