About us


With a knowledge that stretches back to 1986, Hammargruppen is run by us: brothers Mikael and Thomas Pettersson. We have over 30 years of professional experience as shoemakers, including production, repair, and maintenance. We have a passion for craftsmanship and sustainability, and we run our company with the vision of selling shoes of such excellent quality that they are worth repairing. This vision creates the best conditions for both really stylish and sustainable shoes. We are resellers of Crockett & Jones and Bowhill & Elliot - both with a long tradition of craftsmanship in shoe manufacturing.

Our business started with shoes but later developed into also including related products such as socks and shoe care. This was a natural way to improve our product selection as more customers requested the same high quality and standard for various accessories as for the shoe range. We started collaborating with Pantherella, producers of the finest quality socks with a tailored fit using materials such as silk and cashmere. Pantherella also shares our view on quality and sustainable production. Another welcomed addition to our range of products was Saphir, one of the world's leading shoe care brands. Whether you buy a pair of shoes, socks, or shoe polish, you can trust that these are all selected and handpicked products that live up to the high quality that we at Hammargruppen stand for.

Today, Hammargruppen's store and showroom are located at Väpnaregatan 8 in Helsingborg. Here, we do repairs and renovations while our customers can access the entire range of shoes. In addition to the regular opening hours, it is also possible to book a personal appointment.



Elionore joined Hammargruppen in 2018, bringing with her a wealth of experience from diverse service professions. Her current role encompasses overseeing administration, financial operations, social media management, and e-commerce activities. With a strong service-oriented mindset, Elionore excels in refining processes and enhancing efficiency within the company.
Elionore's multifaceted contributions significantly impact the company's success by maintaining high service standards and optimizing internal workflows.

"My primary goal revolves around ensuring exceptional service for customers while also nurturing a positive work environment for our team. I firmly believe that exceptional service and employee satisfaction go hand in hand, and that genuine passion and dedication are integral to delivering a sense of security and simplicity to customers."