Covid 19 Policy

About Covid-19


During the fall of 2020, many employees in small and medium-sized companies are returning to their office environments. This places great demands on companies to be able to offer employees safe working environments. Covid-19 is a virus that won't go away. We as a society will be forced to learn to live with it for a long time, privately and at work. For Hammargruppen, the work of securing the working environment is absolutely central. Hammargruppen has therefore taken a series of measures with the aim of protecting employees and operations.
Risk assessment of the work environment
It is part of Hammargruppen's employer responsibility to assess potential risks for injury and illness linked to the work environment. Risk assessment is part of the systematic work environment work. A risk can be defined here as the probability that a hazardous event or exposure will occur and the consequences if it occurs, in the form of injury or ill health.

Covid-19 has contributed to Hammargruppen developing the work of creating a safe working environment. Information on how we combat infection, and make it difficult for it to spread between people, is now a natural part of Hammargruppen's work environment work. The goal here is also to minimize the risk of employees being exposed to the risk of infection during working hours.

Concrete measures at Hammargruppen

  • Hand sanitizer is available in the store
  • Recommended distance is kept between customers and staff
  • Max 5 customers in the store at the same time
  • At the end of each working day, surfaces such as handles, doors, cash registers, computers and toilets are disinfected
  • Our employees stay at home at the slightest symptom of illness
  • Careful hand hygiene