Shoe care - Caring for Cordovan

Shell cordovan is a leather with many unique features. Though being easy to maintain, it requires a slightly special shoecare routine in order to preserve it’s surface and prolong it’s lifetime. 

As for all treatments, always initially brush the leather gently off from any potential dirt by using a horsehair brush. 

When this stage is completed, you can use a deer bone to smoothen out potential creases. Rub the bone against the creases with a firm pressure, and their visibility will reduce. As the bone naturally contains certain oils, and has a smooth surface, this process will not risk damaging the leather. 

The next treatment for the leather upper is executed by using Creme Cordovan from Saphir Medaille D’or. This cream is especially created for cordovan, containing natural oils and waxes. Apply as a regular cream, using either a cloth or Spatula, then use the cloth to gently polish. As the cordovan has a different texture, the absorbation takes longer than usual. It is recommended to let the leather absorb the cream for around 30 minutes. 

As a final step, apply neutral te De Luxe on the welt edge in order to create an elegant finish and protect the welt. Use a Spatula applier brush or cotton cloth/glove to polish. 

When the treatment has been completed, you will notice that the unique cordovan shine and luster has been restored. And as always use a pair of shoe trees of high quality to proling the lifespan of your shoes.

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