Winter Season: A Guide to Boots

Winter season is best known for it's colder temperature and rougher climate. Because of these circumstances, a boot is most suitable for the season, as it isolates with a higher shaft, and often is equipped with a more sturdy sole. In this post we're discussing a few, commonly seen variations of the boot, as well as identifying their characteristics. 

Hammargruppen Crocket & Jones Winter Boots

Hammargruppen Crockett & Jones Winter Boots Chiltern


The Chukka boot is often referred to as more casual because of it's open, less prominent lacing. This type of shoe has an increased flexibility, allowing the wearer to use them in somewhat casual occasions. Crockett & Jones currently produce four different models of the Chukka; one of them being a classic called Chiltern, made in suede with a Dainite rubber sole.

Hammargruppen Crockett & Jones Winter Boots Tetbury Black

Another model is called Tetbury, and is highly recognized for being worn by Daniel Craig in Skyfall. Notice how this model has a slight square toe and longer last, creating a more formal and refined look. 

Hammargruppen Crockett & Jones Winter Boots Harlech


A Derby boot is recognized by it's open lacing and rounder toe cap. Inspired by military boots worn during the 19th century by British forces. The Harlech boot is a perfect example that possesses all the characteristic traits. By producing Harlech on a more refined last, the boot can easily be worn with a pair of elegant flanell trousers. This version is produced in dark brown cordovan and equipped with double leather soles, creating a durable surface. 

Hammargruppen Crockett & Jones Winter Boots Chelsea


Chelsea boots are very common due to their versatility. By using an elastic band that closely hugs the ankle, they ensure a snug fit that also is easy to take on and off. These shoes are produced on a wide variety of lasts, ensuring versions with both casual and formal approach. Crockett & Jones produce many different chelsea boots, Chelsea VIII being one of them. Notice how the elastic band is cut out in a V shape, adding a subtle detail. Such a model is very versatile, as it has both a durable upper and sole, whilst still retaining a formal elegance.

Whatever boot you personally find most appealing, they all have a unique combination of utility and elegance. Explore our full collection of boots from Crockett & Jones here.  


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