Slottsstadens Skomakeri

Slottsstadens Skomakeri is located in a workshop that goes back to 1934 - making it the oldest workshop in Malmö. The workshop and store is managed by Kenth Johansson who started as a shoemaker in Malmö on Östra Kristinelundsvägen in Slottsstaden in 1982.                                Slottstadens Skomakeri Mästarbrev

Kenth is one of two cobbler masters in Malmö. Kenth got this reward in 1986 in Stockholm and has now practiced the handcraft for 37 years. The whole family is somehow involved in the workshop. Kenth’s wife Monica works there since six years back, helping out in the store and taking care of the website. The oldest son Robin has been taught by his dad during four years and today he runs his own workshop in Karlstad called Werlmands skomakeri.

          Slottsstadens Skomakeri Utsida


Kenth first got in contact with Hammargruppen when he met Mikael in Denmark when they both were looking for rubber soles. They immediately started working together and sold shoes from the brand John Spencer. When Hammargruppen then switched to Crockett & Jones, Kenth was not late to follow. Kenth was therefore one of the cobblers that established Crockett & Jones into the Swedish market.

        Slottstadens Skomakeri Crockett & Jones


We are proud to sell Crockett & Jones, it’s our flagship, says Kenth and Monica. We only want to sell the best, that’s what we always choose. Other brands from Hammargruppen that has passed Kenth’s careful quality control are socks from Pantherella, galoshes from Swims and shoe care products from Saphir.

        Slottstadens Skomakeri Verkstad      Slottsstaden Skomakeri Verkstad


The combination with a workshop and a store is important for Kenth. If you have quality shoes you want to be able to repair them with a knowledgeable person. Doing the repairs in one place, also makes you discover the shoes in the same location and vice versa.

                           Slottsstaden Skomakeri Kenth Repairing 

Kenths best shoe care advice is to use shoe trees to make the shoes stay in shape and to keep them dry. Keep them clean and polish them and they will last longer. It’s the basic work to do for your shoes to have the longest possible length.

                           Kenth Repairing a Pair of Crockett & Jones


Quality on Regementsgatan”

A basic rule is that you should never cheat. Always do the job the best as you can, there are no short cuts. If there is something you see that will not make a good result when you get a request from a customer you should not do it. The satisfied customer is the most important thing.

 Crockett & Jones Connaught

For a first pair of Crockett’s Kenth picks a Connaught in the color Chestnut. They have been popular during the last years. If you buy those, you have a good foundation to stand on. You can walk in them casually wearing a pair of jeans, as well as with a suit. You can basically wear them with everything in any occasion.

 Crockett & Jones Pembroke

For Monica the style is Pembroke, a bit more rough with a grain leather and the Dainite sole. It’s the most sold model in store. It can be used with anything, work and as a every day shoe, even in more special occasions. The sole makes it possible to wear even when the weather is bad and the grain leather is durable since it’s easy to keep in a good condition and doesn’t get scratches as easily as ordinary calf leather.


Slottsstadens Skomakeri

Regementsgatan 66

217 51 Malmö 

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