Shoecare: Suede

Suede is a material made out of split or reverse calf. The surface has a slight rugged appearance. A common misconception is the belief of suede being very sensitive, which is totally wrong as suede in most cases can be restored to near original appearance using the correct products and shoecare process. In this guide, you will gain knowledge about how to properly maintain suede and radically increase it’s lifespan. 

Time: 15 minutes 

Firstly, it is important to realise if the suede shoe requires cleaning or not. If the shoe has significant stains, miss colourations or dirt, a proper clean would drastically improve the shoes appearance. When cleaning a suede shoe, use the Omni’nettoyant suede cleaner from Saphir Medaille D’or. Make sure the product is shaken well before initiating treatment. Fill a separate bowl with water, and pour a small amount of the Omni’nettoyant into it. Use a Spatula brush to gently clean the suede. As the suede cleaner starts to lather up, dirt and stains are cleansed on a deep level. When you are finished cleaning, rinse off the shoe with water. Afterwards, it is suitable to let the shoe dry with shoe trees inserted. 

Next step is to rugg the suede surface using a suede brush. This prepares the suede surface for upcoming treatment. Use the Suede brush in circular movements, with a light pressure.

To moisturize and nourish, use the suede renovateur spray from Saphir Medaille D’or. This spray is especially created to treat suede leather, and is easily absorbed by it. If the shoe has experienced a loss in colour overall or at certain areas, the spray is also available in a pigmented version. When using the spray, make sure to maintain a distance of around 30cm between the shoe and the nozzle. 


After you have allowed the previous product to absorb, use Saphir Medaille D’or Super Invulner to add a protecting layer. This product is applied with the same process as a renovateur spray. However, using a Super Invulver is of great importance as it causes the leather upper to become somewhat water repelling. It also protects against dirt, maintaining a dirt free surface. 

The Renovateur and Invulner can also be used separately, instead of combined with a wash first depending on the what result you want. 

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