Leather Lotion

All leathers need to be taken care of in some matter, whether it is a shoe or a bag. Today, we’re focusing on maintaining and caring for smooth, fine leather products such as furniture, bags, gloves and other accessories.  

Time: 10 minutes 

Leatherproducts such as bags and furniture are exposed to wear every day. Caring for these leather products will not only keep them clean, they will also develop a natural patina. Therefore it is important to implement regular care on the leather, and using high quality lotions when doing so. 

Saphir Medaille D'or Leather Lotion Treatment

Saphir Medaille D’or has developed a specific product for this type of leather. The Leather Lotion cleans and moisturizes, along with creating a protecting layer. This product is therefore suitable for use on a wide range of smooth leathers. When initiating a treatment, make sure the surface is free from dirt as it might cause scratches. Use a slightly damp cloth to wipe the leather off. 

After this, you can proceed by using the Leather Lotion. To ensure that the product won’t affect the leather’s colour, apply on a hidden area and observe. If the leather significantly darkens, this product might not be suitable for your surface and you should not use it. If not, use a cotton cloth and apply a generous amount of the lotion. Make sure to spread the lotion across a large area before moving on to the next. Notice how quick the product is absorbed by the leather. If the leather is very dry, you can repeat this process multiple times, ensuring that it becomes fully moisturised. 

Caring for a Leather Chair with Saphir Medaille D'or

When you have completed the application and greasing, let the products absorb for around 5 minutes. To create a finish with slight shine, use a cloth to gently buff the surface. This removes potential remaining lotion, along with creating an aesthetically pleasing finish. 

This process results in a clean surface with a beautiful gloss. Make sure to repeat it whenever the leather starts to get noticeably dryer. 

The Chair After Treatment

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Nice Article, would you recommend the same lotion for a lamb leather coat or would you recommend another treatment?

Fredrik 2020 augusti 20

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