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Marcus Davidson started his business in 1998 on Skolgatan in Uppsala. He bought an old shoemaker shop and remade it as his own. With both a grandfather and a father in the cobbler business, Marcus followed in their footsteps. Not only is he a third generation cobbler, he is also a third generation master cobbler and has been for over 10 years

Davidsons Skomakeri Shoes Store

Davidsons Skomakeri Shoe Care Products Sneakers Saphir

During his time in the business, he has changed locations a couple of times but have been located on Vaksalagatan in Uppsala for the last 5 years. This was the shop we visited for our interview with Marcus. With shoe care products neatly put on display, and shoes lining the wall, you get a feeling of professionalism as soon as you step in the door.

Davidsons Skomakeri Marcus Davidson

Marcus tells us how he likes to have everything tidy and in its place, to create a nice and professional space for his customers. Even his workshop follows these standards. ”I like it when everything is in it’s own place”, Marcus tells us. ”It is much more fun to be able to show an organized workshop for the customers”.

Davidsons Skomakeri Workshop

Davidsons Skomakeri Workshop Detail

Davidsons Skomakeri Workshop

Around 2001, after researching high quality shoes to sell, Marcus Davidson started to work with Hammargruppen. He tells us that at the time he started as a cobbler, thermoplastic rubber started to make a breakthrough in the shoe industry, which meant a significant decrease in quality of soles and heels. He explains that glueing together this material is extremely hard, and that led to shoes being thrown away instead of being serviced. From this development he was of the opinion that the swedish market was in need of good quality shoes and he started to look for the best to sell in his store. ”I pretty soon found Crockett and Jones”, he says. ”They are in my experience the best shoes in its price range and according to me, the shoes with the best value for money in the world.” 

Davidsons Skomakeri Store Shoe Display Crockett & Jones

Davidsons Skomakeri Store Shoe Display Crockett & Jones

So with his sights set on Crockett & Jones, his search for the best got him in contact with Hammargruppen and Mikael Pettersson. They first met at a Swedens Cobbler Association meeting, and discovered their shared passion for quality shoes and products. This led to the working relationship that they still have to today.

Davidsons Skomakeri Workshop Marcus Polishing Davidsons Skomakeri does not only sell Crockett & Jones. He also sells Saphir and Pantherella. Like Hammargruppen, Marcus wants to sell products that holds the same level of quality as the shoes. He explains that he wants to offer shoe care products that will help prolong the lifetime of the shoes in the best possible way, as well as offer luxury socks that breathes and fits comfortably.

Davidsons Skomakeri Workshop Marcus Polishing

What has been most important when Marcus chose to sell Crockett and Jones and other brands in his store is: ”Good value for money”. ”My basic approach is that the products I sell should be good value for money” he says. He continues to describe how the price tag is of little consequence for him and that he is more interested in the price per use. He explains how, with this mindset, Crockett & Jones actually are the cheapest shoes you can buy since you can have them for such a long time. 

Davidsons Skomakeri Workshop Shoetrees

Marcus best shoe care advice is ”to use the shoes correctly”. Before you start to focus on the right products for shoe care, you need to understand the shoes limits and how they should be used, he says. He continues to tell us how the most important thing is to let the shoes dry after you use them. He recommends to let the shoes dry for 2 days after using them an entire day, to allow all moisture from your feet to dry. It´s also important to insert shoe trees when the shoes dries so the shoes don’t shrink, he adds. 

Davidsons Skomakeri Crockett & Jones Tetbury Suede

When it comes to favorite model he is quick to answer Tetbury. He describes the 348 last to be extremely comfortable, and that since the shoes lacks any pattern or seams across the leather, the upper tends to be very soft and pliable. Made in suede, the shoes compliment his very casual clothing style as well as it is easy to maintain. ”During winter, I prefer suede shoes since they are, with the right waterproofing and protection, extremely durable and practical”, Marcus explains.

Davidsons Skomakeri Shoe Detail Crockett & Jones

When helping customers find the right shoe for them, he always start by asking what type of sole the customer will require. ”The type of sole always come first when I sell a pair of shoes. Then the model”, says Marcus. He explains how it is important to adapt the choice of shoe to what the customer will use them for. 

Marcus also takes a serious approach to the fitting. ”The fitting is extremely important since it´s highly likely that the shoes will be your lifetime friends, and only with a proper fitting can you get the orthopaedic correctness that the shoes offer”. ”Different lasts fit different feet, and in many cases, some lasts fit better. It is very important to get help with this, when choosing the perfect shoe”, says Marcus. ”I generally spend 15-60 minutes on every fitting and sometimes more, to find the perfect shoe for the customer. That is a level of service that the internet can’t provide, and the reason why you should buy shoes from a store.”

Do you want to know more about Davidsons Skomakeri? Have a look at their website or visit the store in Uppsala.


Davidssons Skomakeri

Vaksalagatan 14 

753 20 Uppsala


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